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SLT connects “Delft Island” in Jaffna to information super highway.

SLT is proud to announce the company has recently connected Delft Island, located in the East of the Jaffna Peninsula to the country’s National ICT Backbone as one of the major post-war ICT development in the Northern Province. Delft Island has been identified by the Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) as one of the key tourist attraction destinations as well as a key location in the country. Through this network expansion carried out under SLT’s “i-Sri Lanka” network modernization program, citizens living in Delft Island gets access to SLT’s communication services including high speed Broadband facilities which enables them to access e-education, e-health, distance learning, cloud computing, business networking, new opportunities and much more at superior speed, with high quality and reliability. Through this initiative, the company has demonstrated its true commitment to reach the far corners of Sri Lanka, bringing with it speed and clarity to improve and transform lifestyles of the citizens.
The government has given very high priority to rebuilding infrastructure such as access roads, electricity, drinking and irrigation water, market facilities, public parks and waste disposal systems to enhance the investment attraction to the Northern Province. Also to create new opportunities and provide employment to the Northern Province which is home to around 1.8 million people.
“Delft Island” is one of the islands situated 32km away from Jaffna mainland close to the international maritime border of Sri Lanka & India. The total population of Delft island comprises of approximately 5000 people with approximately 1300 Households (Families). The island constitutes of a land area of around 47.16 Sq. Kms. Currently, the island also houses a number of Government Offices including a Police Station, Divisional Hospital, 8 Government Schools, Post Office, AGA Office, Court, Bank of Ceylon, Samurdhi Bank, Public Library, 12 Community Centers, A Multi-Purpose Co-operative Society as well as a Sri Lanka Navy Base.
Group CEO of SLT, Mr. Lalith De Silva commented, “As the national ICT service provider, it is our foremost duty to develop a robust ICT infrastructure that supports the country’s aspiration to achieve its economic goals including boost of tourism to every corner of our nation. As we believe, ICT connects people from every community, culture and from all corners of the island, bringing them together while breaking down all physical barriers. Sri Lanka is now positioned on a platform of fast track development and ICT has emerged as a key driver of development and economic growth. At present, the company is involved in making heavy investments towards future-proof infrastructure development and also improving its services and enhancing product offerings to deliver better value to all citizens in developing Sri Lanka”.
The main scope of this project is to provide fastest Broadband services to Delft Island that is 32 Km away from Jaffna via the modern communication infrastructure across the sea. Today, Delft Island is connected to the country’s domestic Optical Fibre Backbone to experience superior high quality broadband services.
The “i-Sri Lanka” network modernization project of SLT is revolutionizing broadband access across the country enabling customers to enjoy consistent, uninterrupted high speed internet services. SLT is committed to ensuring that homes and businesses receive world class ICT services through the country’s largest fiber optic network which will have a significant positive impact on expanding the productive capacity of the economy and will facilitate high and sustainable economic growth in Sri Lanka.

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