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Reminiscent of the Sambuddha Trinity
Today is Vesak Poya Day

When the Supreme Buddha Deepankara ascended to Rambagam, the great Bodhisattva, who had attained the Eightfold Path, turned the unfinished road into a pole and offered flowers to the Buddha. The Venerable Sumedha Thapa, who directed the prophecies, predicted that he would attain enlightenment in the name of Gautama in the future and gave the first definite commentary on the full moon day of Vesak. The Bodhisattvas who completed the Dasaparami Dhammas became pregnant in the womb of Goddess Mahamaya, the Agabisawa of King Suddhodana when he ruled the city of Kapilavastu in Dambadiva. Ten months later, the Bodhisattva was born in the Lumbini Sal Garden on the full moon day of Vesak.

At the age of sixteen, he took up marriage with a princess named Yashodhara. At the age of twenty-nine, he saw the four omens and left the laity at midnight on Esala Poya, the birthday of Prince Rahula. Thaus disguised himself and left to attain Nirvana. After six years of hard work and hard work, he later realized its futility. Afterward, they avoided it and practiced the practice of meditation from the beginning of the Asatru Bo in Gaya. In order to express the great bliss of Nirvana, the great bliss of Nirvana, the great bliss of Nirvana, the bliss of Nirvana, the bliss of Nirvana, the bliss of Nirvana, the bliss of Nirvana, the bliss of Nirvana, the bliss of Nirvana, the bliss of Nirvana, the bliss of Nirvana
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Etc. The great proclamation was also made on the full moon day of Vesak. After 45 years of paganism, the Buddha made great efforts to make millions of people pious, help the needy, and pave the way for the worldly creature to attain Nirvana. Finally, on the full moon day of Vesak, the Supreme Buddha set foot on the Pirinivan, giving the final admonition, "Rnanaappamadetha Sampadetha, lie down and work in the seat enshrined in the Sal Uyana of the children of King Malla in Kusinara." Gautama Buddha, at the invitation of King Maniakkhita Na, accompanied by five hundred monks to Kelaniya on the full moon day of Vesak in the eighth year of his enlightenment, after observing the Dhamma, proceeded to Sumana Koota at the invitation of Lord Saman and established the Sri Pada emblem. Rev. Suddhodana sent word to the Buddha that he should return to his kingdom. Accordingly, on the full moon day of the middle of the month, about twenty thousand monks led by the Buddha left Rajagaha and came to the Crocodile City two months later. It was on the full moon day of Vesak that the Yamaha procession was held to eradicate the dimension of the Buddha's Sakyas. Ananda Thera, the Treasurer of the Dhamma, who was the caretaker of the Supreme Buddha, worked for about forty years after the enlightenment of the Lord Buddha, and at the age of one hundred and twenty, performed the Pirinivan on the full moon day of Vesak. According to the Mahavamsa, King Vijaya of Aryan dynasty, who first came to power in Sri Lanka, arrived in Ceylon from India with five hundred people on the full moon day of Vesak.

It is a great privilege for Sri Lankans to have a national year and a religious year on the same day as no other nation in the world, especially since the Buddha's Parinirvana and Vijayagama took place on the same day. King Path is II, who came to power after King Mutashiva, who ruled this country, anointed and became king according to the old tradition. Thereafter, King Devanapathisa sent a large delegation of Aritta ministers with great value to King Asoka. Although Emperor Ashoka had sent them the materials for the Aryan consecration, King Tissa was consecrated for the second time and it was done on the full moon day of Vesak which is another important event in history.

At that time, the Supreme Buddha enlightened the Buddha on the four continents, including two thousand Kshatriya islands, including tens of thousands of living beings. The king summoned him,

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When Upulvan accepted the mission he had preached at the top of the Dashaka Samodhana Samujjalitha Anjali, and at his request, when King Upulvan Deva stood guard, he instructed the Divine Brahmins who had gathered in tens of thousands of beings.

Nattime Saranan Anjang Buddha This Saranan Varang

For forty-five years, the real Samma Sambuddha was the incomparable sage who devoted his entire life to the healing of the selfless by bestowing great mercy on the creatures of the world. It is a very high Buddha Pooja to line up for the Prathipatti Pooja to pay homage to the real Buddha as a Buddhist on such a very sacred day. On the Vesak Poya day, it is a great tradition for everyone from an early age to go to the temple in the early morning carrying oil, flowers, incense and other offerings for the Buddha Pooja. The Seth Pirith is attended by four people at the funeral, alms and banas

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